5 Essential Elements of a Visual Brand Identity


Despite what the usual business giants may tell you, successful branding is more than just the logo. In our extremely saturated market, your brand needs to be able to differentiate itself. This shouldn’t be news to you, but everybody already has a logo. So how do you go beyond expectations and catch a potential client’s attention?

Customers are after cohesion and consistency. While some businesses choose to focus on one or two aspects such as product quality, customer service, or social media presence, the best companies cover all aspects and do everything exceptionally well.

The same principle applies to branding: if everything you’re putting out is 100% representative of your company, then people will more likely latch on to it. Sadly, visual brand identity takes a backseat with many companies in favor of following aesthetic trends—which means that you have a chance to dominate in an area that your competitors haven’t even begun to discover!

Take note of these visual brand identity essentials and start cooking up your business’ ultimate makeover. Interested in visual branding work? Follow the link below for our case studies!

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Logos are a graphic element that can contain a symbol and/or words that represents your brand. Because of how massively important it is for establishing who you are, it’s an uncompromisable aspect of visual branding.

Apart from capturing your company’s identity, goals, and personality, your logo has to be memorable and effective. This is the element that people are going to see on all of your online and offline content, and it’s what the rest of your visual branding elements will hinge on.


Though logos are non-negotiable and should never be distorted or altered, there are always going to be instances where tweaking the design may make your branding materials more visually pleasing. Logos need flexibility without compromising the integrity of the design.

Logo lockups are different variations of your logo depending on things like background color and picture format. These versions can come in different forms and purposes, such as circular or square logos for social media badges, black-and-white logos for monochrome content, or shortened and simplified logos for sponsorship presentations.


Having comprehensive and consistent visual branding means that all of your graphic content from here on out should complement your brand’s colors by working within a palette. The first step to building your brand’s color palette is to take a look at your logo and its colors. Additional palettes can be for specific purposes, such as light or dark or bold or minimal designs.

Make sure you take note of your palettes’ Pantone colors and web colors (RGB and CMYK) for flexibility across all mediums and platforms. It’ll also help be useful to your graphic designers as they ensure visual consistency in all areas.



Text will always be an important part of visual content, so font styles and faces need uniformity and conformity to your brand’s identity. Each typeface has a personality of its own, so make sure you pick ones that are true to your brand’s vibe while performing well as a graphic element.

Along with choosing your brand’s font styles, it’s important to indicate the right instances to use them, such as for headers or bodies of texts. Going forward, keep in mind that Mac and PC don’t have the same default fonts.


Consistently presenting elements like photographs or executing materials like letterheads and flyers play a big role that goes beyond simple uniformity. You can start by thinking about which styles and types of photos are most fitting for your brand and how they interact with your logo lockups.

If your company has an Instagram account, then you know how important it is to capture your brand’s look and feel through even just a glance of your feed. Having graphic collaterals will ensure that your online content and physical branding materials are on point with conveying your brand’s core and atmosphere every time.

Because we know the crucial role it plays in building a successful business, Marque Media helps brands construct and fortify a strong visual identity. By getting to know our clients’ brands, our creative and marketing teams are able to find out the best way to push your company to the limit!

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