A Day in The Life: Ft. Marque Media’s Co-Founder and Chief Partnerships Officer, Melissa Jones


Melissa gets things done.

Closing sales, auditing, strategizing campaigns, drafting proposals, making sure everything in the company is going smoothly, all while raising four kids… phew! And you thought having a cat was difficult!

Melissa Jones does it all, and so much more!

Want to know what Marque Media’s co-founder and chief partnership officer spends most of her time on? Clue: NOT sleeping in.

Buckle up. Melissa’s here to walk you through what she does on the daily.

Early Morning

By 7:00 AM, I have already clocked in about three to four work hours and counting… Dealing with clients, projects and employees globally (and in different time zones), means that I cat nap many nights more than actually sleep.

In the morning, I always have my essentials: a glass of lemon water and green tea.


I love to do morning calls with potential partners. I try to slate as many calls as I can first thing, or before 1 PM.

I also time block every morning for follow-ups, sales outreach, team check-ins and more. By lunchtime, I have addressed all of these items and more.

Lunch Break

I love to actually make my lunch when possible. An even bigger behind-the-scenes secret is… I love to cook for my team! We’ll have some chicken and vegetables or even grill something during summer. This gives us all a moment to breathe and reset so we have the energy for the rest of the day.

Late Afternoon

All work! I wrap at 5 PM to take the kids to jujitsu and try to shut my work-related things down until 8:30 PM so I can be present with my family. I have four children, including six-year-old twins, and I like to make sure my nights are comprised of quality family time.

Late Night

I use my evenings after bedtime to catch up on emails, plan for the next day, finalize proposals and also read industry news around the world.


This is Melissa’s daily hustle, and if you’re wondering how she stays sane through it all, the answer’s pretty simple: long baths.

Yup, Melissa loves the water!

Whether it’s the ocean, the poolside, or her own bath, you can find her getting her “mermaid” on after hours and on weekends.

Catch Melissa Jones playing with dolphins and living her best life on Instagram!