The Power of Personalization on Social Media


Source: Max Pixel

Because it’s the best and fastest way to connect with possible customers, social media marketing is no longer just “optional” for businesses. With a more saturated market and a bigger competition size, it’s the responsibility of marketers to differentiate their brand from the others.

How do you make your brand stand out? This year, online audiences are looking for authenticity and sincerity from companies. They would much rather make a purchase from a business that caters to their wants and needs instead of meaninglessly taking their money. This means that personalization isn’t just the 2019 marketing trend—it’s a requirement.

The Importance of Regulars

The question for businesses is how to cultivate customer loyalty through marketing. If you have a favorite cafe that you visit often, then they probably already know your name and readily concoct your drink of choice without you having to explicitly order it. This is the situation that you want to create when your brand communicates with clients online.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook give you multiple chances to digitally come face-to-face with your customers. Customers see your posts often, and depending on your strategy, they’ve probably either left a comment or reached out for an inquiry. A skilled marketer will see every interaction as an opportunity to convert an ordinary customer into a returning regular.

Regulars can become the heart and soul of any company. If a customer is loyal to a brand, they’ll continue to support it and encourage their circle of friends to do the same.

Providing a Memorable Customer Experience

There are different ways you can approach personalization on social media. The most basic method is getting to know your audience. Who are they? What are their interests? How can you integrate that information into your marketing content to appeal to their interests? A strong brand isn’t only aware of its own identity, but has the ability to communicate in a way that resonates with its customers.

But if you want to create a bigger impact, you need to give smaller and individual customer interactions more importance. Simply remembering a customer’s name sends the message that you’re interested in establishing a continuous relationship with them. It tells them that you see them as a person with wants and needs instead of just another opportunity to grab a quick sale.

Details that you pick up about a particular customer should be remembered for later opportunities. If you’re part of a fashion company, take note of the styles and colors that someone is interested in so that the next time they have an inquiry, you are ready with recommendations.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is the easiest way to gather feedback from your customers. Regardless of whether they give positive or negative feedback, responding to these posts, comments, or messages will let them know that you’re interested in improving according to what your audience needs. Outside of regularly going through your social media mentions, you can also check the hashtags for your brand or specific events and products that you have set up.

For example, hotel businesses can reach out to patrons who have made posts about their stay by simply thanking them and letting them know that they’re free to make inquiries about the facilities or area. If someone isn’t satisfied with your services, it’s just as important to ask them about their experience and how you can help remedy their situation.

Personalizing your business over social media doesn’t only humanize your customers, but your brand as well. It opens up huge opportunities for growth and legitimacy within your market and audience, and integrating it into your strategy can set you far ahead in the curve against your competitors.